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Class: Sith Inquisitor (Assassin)
Alignment: Dark III
Faction: Empire, but mostly Himself.

In Sum:

You might have heard from more uncouth individuals that revenge is a dish best served cold. I disagree. Revenge is a dish best served while looking smoulderingly hot.

Never walk into the final confrontation with your nemesis looking like you just crawled out of a sewer in Hutta. You might as well die of shame and save your opponent the trouble of killing you. When I entered the Dark Council Chambers to give Darth Whatshisname his final thrashing, time itself stilled in orgasmic rapture. My cloak swept imperiously at my heels. My armour glistened in the wavering light. My skin was silky-smooth and begged for a caress. I recommend Rbollean petal-oil.

Needless to say, every Council member swooned in various degrees. One particular Darth, whom I will graciously not name, thought I would not notice the careful placement of his hands across his lap. I notice everything. Only Darth Whatshisname was unaffected, because he was old and tasteless. Thankfully, he is now old, tasteless, and dead.

If you are not blessed with my natural good looks, consider a mask. After all, it works for Darth Marr.

- Excerpt from the Memoirs of Darth Nox, p. 210

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Left is how he starts out, right is after several decades 

This post may be useful for clothes!

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Thought I would throw something into the SWTAW pot!


Class: Imperial Agent (Operative)
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: Previously Empire, now Neutral.

In Sum:


A smuggler is the worst thing you can meet when you are pressed for time. You may not know this, but the word ‘smuggler’ originates from the word ‘smug’, because all smugglers are smirking, back-talking nuisances. The contraband is just an excuse to disseminate their smugness across the entire galaxy.  

Their only redeeming factor is that they are slightly less smug than the Jedi, and also less self-righteously so. Because of this, they might initially seem fun to banter with - unlike the Jedi, who have a very dull and predictable vocabulary. This, however, presents a danger in itself. Do not let a smuggler lure you into verbal battle of witticisms. Their natural inclination towards smugness will draw you into a delightfully engaging exchange of one-liners, which would then lead to drinks, and the next thing you know you’re both waking up in their cargo hold with your clothes off and surrounded by spice. You will then have to be flown back into Imperial space to perform what they insist on terming the ‘walk of shame’, no matter how many times you tell them it is the ‘stride of pride’.

Beware the smuggler. They shoot your secretaries, regain planets you laboriously won for the Empire, and then leave you with the paperwork. They do this while having an excellent fashion sense and laughing at your jokes to keep you off guard, and then they go ahead and get themselves killed and leave you feeling peculiar.

Smugglers are a bane of this galaxy and are to be avoided at all costs.

- Excerpt from the Memoirs of Darth Nox, p. 3.


Nightmare: I'll write my character having a nightmare about yours, or vice versa.
Kiss: I'll write our characters sharing a kiss, it can be innocent or passionate.
Traumatic: I'll write my or your characters going through a traumatic experience.
Murder: I'll write my character killing yours or vice vesra.
Home: I'll write our characters living together.
Holiday: I'll write our characters celebrating a holiday together.
Prank: I'll write our characters pulling pranks on each other.
Scars: I'll write your character touching my character's scars or vice versa
Sketching: I'll write your character drawing mine or vice versa
Warmth: I'll write our characters getting warm.
Solace: I'll write my character comforting yours or vice versa
Drink: I'll write our characters drinking together
Game: I'll write our characters playing a game.
Love: I'll write our character's falling in love.
Death: I'll write our character's mourning over each other.
Hate: I'll write our character's hating each other.
Seduce: I'll write my character trying to seduce yours or vice versa
Old: I'll write our characters growing old together
Song: I'll write our character's singing or playing a musical instruments.
Child: I'll write our characters raising a child.
Poem: I'll write my character speaking a poem to yours or vice versa
Insane: I'll write my character is insane inside asylum and yours is the doctor, vice versa

walk up in the club like what up I got a new blog


As some of you might know this is a sideblog so I can’t FOLLOW PEOPLE and that’s lame as hell, so I’ve moved here!

walk up in the club like what up I got a new blog


As some of you might know this is a sideblog so I can’t FOLLOW PEOPLE and that’s lame as hell, so I’ve moved here!


(OR: songs to blow up a Chantry to.)

tasteless playlists are valid methods of expressing love for your favourite characters ssssh

1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
2. Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
3. Blow - Ke$ha
4. Bombastic Love - Britney Spears
5. Funhouse - P!nk
6. Got Dynamite - Demi Lovato
7. Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions - the Lonely Island
8. Revolution - the Veronicas
9. Strut - Adam Lambert


theronshan begged:
Circe, what's the oddest thing you've found on the ship Laine gave you?

Circe: A confused male in the cargo hold, frozen in carbonite, cuffed, gagged, and eventually revealed to wearing nothing but a thin strip of fabric.

I’m not certain if he sneaked on board or if my mother left him there and forgot about him.

I had him thrown off my ship.

theronshan begged:
Aesc pls

Aesc: You’re excused.